Tour Operators Highly Optimistic about Bulgaria's Tourism in 2011


Large tour operators expect a substantial growth of bookings for vacations in Bulgaria by European tourists.

Representatives of TUI, ITS, and Neckermann have met with Bulgaria's Minister of Economy, Energy, and Tourism Traicho Traikov in Berlin, Germany, at the ITB Berlin travel expo, the Economy Ministry announced.

TUI predicts that there will be four times more Russian tourists in Bulgaria in 2011 than there were in 2010, while ITS expects a 28%-30% increase in the number of Germans coming to Bulgaria for summer vacations. Neckermann has announced that it expects about 180 000 bookings for Bulgaria in 2011, up from 150 000 in 2010.

The tour operators have told Traikov that Bulgaria needs more targeted promotional campaigns carried out in cooperation between the business and the government. They believe that the money from the tourism tax currently collected by the Bulgarian municipalities can be used in that direction.

Traikov himself has urged an all-out debate on Bulgaria's tourism advertising among all interested parties.

Over 40 companies and organizations from Bulgaria are taking part in the 45th edition of the ITB Berlin expo; the Bulgarian stand in Berlin is 429 square meters, and the country emphasizes cultural tourism.


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