Black-sea region

The Black Sea region is rather promiscuous and it is preferred by both Bulgarians and foreigners. This is the place where the largest congregation of tourists happens during the summer season. It is extremely rich in history, it is sunny and pleasant, offering magnificent conditions for recreation, it has pretty towns which have preserved Bulgaria’s spirit for ages, it has fine sand beaches, good infrastructure and transport, large economic centres, international airports – altogether it makes the Bulgarian Black Sea coast one of the most frequented European tourist regions.
Tradition lasting for millennia has soaked through the remains of ancient Thracian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine towns. Anyone taking a stroll along the streets of the small old towns will be impressed by the exceptional beauty of architecture from the Revival period.

Venues and options for entertainment are beyond imagination.
You can literally stumble on summer restaurants and bars if you were to take a walk for a drink or dance. Genuine national or modern, European and Asian restaurants will make you indulge into the flavours of various cuisines and cultures.

Night life is second to none. You can dance and meet new friends until dawn and then meet the sunrise. Springs with mineral water and healing mire will infuse you with new strength in the SPA centres. Tourists visiting the recreational villages are of various national and cultural backgrounds.

The climate is Mediterranean typical – sunny days and moderate temperatures of about 23-30° С. The beaches are layered with one the finest sands.
The summer recreational season is exceptionally long – starting mid-May until the end of October tourists can enjoy sunshine and the beautiful beach strands.

Close to the sea there are picturesque mountains with mild climate, beautiful spring, fresh summer, colourful autumn and snowy winter. They offer attractive opportunities for rural and mountain tourism, ski sports during the winter season in perfect conditions. The proximity to all attractive destinations and towns is second to none. The most frequented resorts on the Black Sea coast – Sunny Beach, Eleni, Vlas, etc. are just within 30 kilometres from Burgas. It takes a few hours to go to the mountains, to visit the country’s largest towns and to enjoy its beauties.
In the largest economic centres on the Black Sea coast Burgas and Varna, there are airports which are just a flight away from all European cities, from Russia, Egypt, Turkey, etc. The transport network in the region is very well developed with first-class roads. The large industrial cities of Burgas and Varna are excellent opportunities for profitable investments and business. The Black Sea region on its own is quite attractive for today’s business due to the construction opportunities, production development, and trade of goods and services. A fact worth mentioning is that at the moment the Black Sea region is the second most developed in terms of economy after the Sofia region (the capital of Bulgaria).

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